As part of our Installations Service, we specialise in conveyor belt installations to fixed and mobile machinery, also ancillary component installations for complete service. Identifying the specification of belt or ancillary is important. If the specification is unknown SVS can arrange for a technician to visit your site to obtain required information.


Our repair services are designed for holes, punctures and tears and consist of the following options:

  • Hot Patch Repair – using vulcanised press
  • Cold Patch Repair – using glue and bonding
  • Clip Repair – range of clipping products available
  • Belt Insert – inserting new section of belt
  • Fusion Compound – for minor cover damage

Where the belt joint is lifting or separating, we can restore using vulcanised press, glue or new clips depending on the existing joint type.


  • Hot Vulcanised Joint – cooking the belt at high temperature. Can run conveyor belt after install
  • Cold Bonded Joint – bonding with glue adhesive for rubber. Curing times apply
  • Fastener (Clip) Joint – a range of products available, depending on belt specification and conveyor structure. Please seek advice from SVS technical staff for product options

All joint types are designed to restore maximum tensile strength.

Linatex® Lining

As Scotland’s national distributor for WEIR Minerals Linatex® Premium Rubber Sheeting, we offer a professional lining service. Our services cover a range of globally recognised quality products across many different applications and involves the bonding of rubber protective liners.

Manufactured by WEIR Minerals, rubber sheeting products have high abrasive qualities, even in the most excessive wear and tear environments.

Linatex® rubber range will provide long lasting wear resistance, and can also be used for vibrating and noise prevention.

Rubber Sheeting Range:

  • Linatex®
  • Linard®
  • Linaguard®
  • Linacure®

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Dimension of Linatex® full roll: 1.23 x 9.25 mtr

  • cut to measurement
  • cut to any shape

Common Linatex® lining works:

  • Chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Sections
  • Vessels
  • Equine Rooms

Linatex® rubber is versatile and a commodity product not only for bulk material handling industries.

Drum Lagging

Drum lagging ultimately prevents conveyor belt slippages, although other benefits are protection against wear and corrosion, while preventing material build-up and preserving belt bottom cover wear abrasion.

Product Options:

  • Rubber: diamond pattern (bonded)
  • Ceramic: rubber and ceramic panels (bonded)
  • Slide: high grade rubber with metal base plate (welded or bolted)

SVS offer an onsite, workshop, collection, and delivery services. We can also fabricate drums to specification.


Our high-performance vulcanising method helps convert natural rubber into cured rubber through a high temperature heating and pressure process within an autoclaving oven.

This is ideal for various grades of rubber use for moulding and helps maintain the best possible physical and chemical purities for a superior bond.

This is typically used on products where cold bonding cannot be achieved using standard press-based vulcanising.


Working collaboratively with key partners SVS can support fabrication projects from manufacturing to install, such as.

  • Conveyor Structure
  • Drums
  • Hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Tanks
  • Sections
  • Fitting and Welding

Please speak to a technical member for more information.

Conveyor Cleaning

For conveyor systems that experience material build-ups that cause damage to the belt and ancillaries, cleaning and/or housekeeping is normally the perfect solution.

SVS can open the joint or cut the belt to gain access to unreachable areas within the system. Fully removing the conveyor belt we expose the conveyor to thoroughly clean, troubleshoot and examine working order of ancillaries, providing maintenance to preserve life span of assets before re-joining the belt and restoring.

A primary advantage of this service is to ensure conveyor core components are in full working order, conveyor is cleaned and bring to attention any maintenance issues in report format with reactive solution to restore to avoid unnecessary downtime during planned production.


SVS provide a range of bespoke Service Level Agreements for the smooth-running operations of your systems, please contact us for further information. Our managed SLAs cover the following:

  • Breakdown Cover
  • Guaranteed Onsite Response
  • Preventative Maintenance (PPMs)
  • Conditioning and Inspections Reports
  • Stock and Equipment Facility Management