Our key partner Martin Engineering has over 75 years as a leader in the bulk-materials handling industry and experienced just about everything when it comes to conveyors. That’s why SVS are such a good match as Partners in the Conveyor Industry.

With their decades of experience it enables Martin Engineering to provide SVS and our clients with cleaner, safer and more productive Conveyor operations. Having a global presence in 17 countries on six continents, with customers in dozens of industries, SVS has come to highly respect and trust in our partnership with Martin Engineering.


Conveyor Inspections Reduces Costs & Improves Safety

A conveyor is a complex system of interlinked components. If even one component or subsystem stops functioning, processes both upstream and downstream will be affected, potentially leading to an unexpected shutdown or worse. In a large facility, even a fraction of a percent of system availability could be measured in millions of dollars.

Martin Engineering

Proper Maintenance is Crucial

Regularly inspecting and properly maintaining conveyors increases production, reduces safety hazards, and lowers cost of operation. Stay on top of maintenance tasks and look for areas of improvement to enhance productivity and safety.

A few of the many product videos from Martin Engineering

Martin Engineering make some of the most durable and useful products for conveyor systems today. From scrapers to air cannons, these products make the running of a conveyor system much smoother through the different benefits they bring. We often find ourselves relying on the products Martin Engineering provide to ensure the smooth and stable running of our customers’ conveyor systems. Their products are truly word-class, so today we’d like to go over some of our most used Martin Engineering products that deserve to be recognized properly.

The purpose of Martin Engineering’s Air Cannons are to prevent material build around and inside a variety of different key parts. These parts can include kilns, silos, bins, hoppers, chutes and other equipment. If materials were to build up inside or around any of these key parts, you will eventually see significant damage being done to said parts, costing you dearly for repairs and reactive maintenance. Materials such as coal, cement, and aggregates are the worst offenders by far, clogging machinery and damaging key parts if not kept moving through the system enough.

Martin Engineering’s belt scrapers, or belt cleaners, are commonly overlooked but vital parts of your conveyor system. They allow your system to run smoothly for longer periods of time without any breakages or need for unscheduled maintenance. They do this by scraping the belt at the end of the system to prevent any material from being carried underneath the belt and damaging key components. This also has the knock on effect of increasing your belt’s lifetime as less material is allowed to “go rogue” as it were and cause abrasive damage to the belt.

Some interesting articles from our friends at Martin Engineering

What are your top tips for conveyor maintenance?

When I’m out in the field, I get asked this question a lot. My answer isn’t always short and sweet because conveyor maintenance can be more complex than you think.

Does proper maintenance or lack of impact operations?

When conveyors don’t operate efficiently…they force unplanned stoppages and outages, release large quantities of fugitive materials, and require more maintenance.

My Love/Hate Relationship with Fugitive Material

Fugitive Material. Piles. Ant Hills. Mounds. Carryback. Many terms are used but they all mean the same thing to those working in the bulk material handling industry.