18 May, 2022

Why Conveyor System Maintenance Pays For Itself


Wide and varied industries use some form of conveyor system to eliminate or minimize manual labour, reduce the risk of accidents, increase efficiency and productivity during the movement of materials and products through a manufacturing, supply of goods or material transportation process.


In simple terms a conveyor system is mechanical and has many moving parts that require repair, replacement and overall maintenance to ensure its optimal lifecycle and return on investment is realized.


Downtime of any conveyor system will ultimately impact the overall profitability of your business and proactive maintenance will ultimately ensure you hit your people, production, performance, and profitability goals.


What is Conveyor System Maintenance


Conveyor Maintenance


No conveyor though, is immune from problems. Belt slippage, motor burnout, and broken components all can occur from regular wear and tear or can happen when used incorrectly.


Conveyor system maintenance is essential to ensure safety and optimal efficiency.  By making early servicing inspections and repairs you can often avoid costly breakdowns and deliver continued efficiencies and extend the life of your conveyor.


Keeping your belt conveyor in good shape means specific maintenance activities are carried out on-going, such as belt and ancillaries cleaning, belt repairs, diagnosis of any further issues that might avoid unnecessary downtime during planned production periods.


What are the benefits



In additional to the operational efficiency, productivity and profitability already mentioned, operating scheduled maintenance routines illustrates reasonable care is being taken to prevent accidents and ensure high standards of safety to satisfy Health and Safety and various Governmental Directives.


The core following benefits are all considerations you should expect from proactive maintenance of your Conveyor System:


🔧 Prevent costly downtime due to equipment failure

🔧 Maintain reliable and efficient operations

🔧 Reduce operative frustrations and product wastage

🔧 Simplify maintenance operations

🔧 Prevent key component failure

🔧 Increase a system’s life expectancy

🔧 Reduce overheads and administration


A small investment in regular routine maintenance and servicing reduces the cost of repairs and breakdowns over the life of your system.


Types of Maintenance to Consider



SVS offers a professional and responsive maintenance and support service, that is flexible to meet your requirements.  Our bespoke maintenance services provide an ongoing commitment to improve safety, productivity, and return on investment.


The best way to keep your belt conveyor running efficiently is to have some form of preventative maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduling preventative maintenance, inspect all components, replace any that show wear, upgrade components to higher quality replacements.


Belt Maintenance


SVS Conveyor belt repair services are designed for holes, punctures and tears and consist of the following options:


✔ Hot Patch Repair – using vulcanised press

✔ Cold Patch Repair – using glue and bonding

✔ Clip Repair – range of clipping products available

✔ Belt Insert – inserting new section of belt

✔ Fusion Compound – for minor cover damage

Where the belt joint is lifting or separating, we can restore using vulcanised press, glue or new clips depending on the existing joint type.


Conveyor Cleaning


For conveyor systems that experience material build-ups that cause damage to the belt and ancillaries, cleaning and/or housekeeping is normally the perfect solution.


SVS can open the joint or cut the belt to gain access to unreachable areas within the system. Fully removing the conveyor belt we expose the conveyor to thoroughly clean, troubleshoot and examine working order of ancillaries, providing maintenance to preserve life span of assets before re-joining the belt and restoring.


A primary advantage of this service is to ensure conveyor core components are in full working order, conveyor is cleaned and bring to attention any maintenance issues in report format with reactive solution to restore to avoid unnecessary downtime during planned production.


Conveyor Belt Supply


SVS supply the highest quality conveyor belt from approved suppliers with nylon ply to strengthen the core of belt and high abrasive resistant top and bottom covers.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Our managed SLAs cover the following:


🎯 Breakdown Cover

🎯 Guaranteed Onsite Response

🎯 Preventative Maintenance (PPMs)

🎯 Conditioning and Inspections Reports

🎯 Stock and Equipment Facility Management


Not Sure How To Proceed


SVS provide a range of bespoke Service Level Agreements for the smooth-running operations of your systems, please get in touch with us today through the form below. 👇



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