25 January, 2022

WEIR Minerals’ Linatex® Products are some of the most versatile and resilient in the conveyor belting industry today. With uses ranging from defence against corrosion and abrasion, to noise and vibration reduction, Linatex® continues to defy all expectations put on it by supplier and consumer alike.


One of these expectations was the amount of time that Linatex® products could be expected to last and perform reliably, without any loss in its protective qualities. WEIR Minerals carried out an investigation into this and found that Linatex® products lasted vastly longer than the next closest competitor. This far exceeded the expectations of even WEIR Minerals themselves and continues to be a difficult standard to beat to this day.


With so many forms of Linatex® Premium Rubber Products, it’s difficult to choose only a couple to really focus on. That being said, we’ve managed to pick a couple to showcase, so here’s what we picked.


Linatex® Premium Natural Rubber

Designed for lining specific parts of machinery, Linatex® Premium Natural Rubber is ideal for a variety of different uses. Like all Linatex® products, it shows outstanding resilience and strength against cutting, tearing and abrasion. Even after almost 100 years of experience in handling aggressive materials, this product still ranks high as the premium wear-resistant rubber for sliding or wet abrasion uses.


This product in particular is one that we’ve personally used numerous times in the past. In one instance we’ve used Linatex® Natural Rubber to line the inside of a hopper. We found that, in this less-than-ideal environment for any material, Linatex® handled the stress and extreme conditions better than we ever could’ve imagined.


Another use for this material is of course noise and vibration reduction. The rubber dampens any movement from the machinery and reduces the noise level created by it. This makes it much safer for workers to be around the machinery and reduces the risk of hearing loss. This doesn’t completely negate the risk of hearing loss, but it does help to reduce the noise level noticeably. Vibration reduction works much in the same way as noise reduction does, except it helps to reduce the risk of breaking or damaging key components of the conveyor system or anything that may be travelling along the system.


All in all, we find that Linatex® Premium Natural Rubber more than meets our expectations and always ends up finding a way into any lining job we do!


Linatex® Hose Systems

While, like all Linatex® products, we could go into a lot more detail with specifics, we’d be here for a very long time! Linatex® Hose systems are found to be some of the most reliable in the industry and are one of the products that were tested by WEIR Minerals and found to outperform competitors at every turn. They come in every specification you might need for mining and aggregate purposes. These can be in the form of Hoses built for suction and for discharge purposes. They can also come preformed for bends for maximum versatility and integration purposes.


We’ve personally used WEIR Minerals Linatex® Hose systems for our customers and have found them to be nothing short of outstanding. Their resistance to corrosion from sand, for example, is simply amazing to behold and consistently saves our customers money through massive reductions in the need for reactive repairs.



If you’re looking to have lining work done on your conveyor system, or just need a reliable hose system for a range of purposes, get in touch with us. We’re Scotland’s sole supplier of WEIR Minerals’ Premium Rubber products and can make it out as far from our warehouse in East Dunbartonshire as the North of Scotland or the North of England.


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