21 February, 2022

Martin Engineering make some of the most durable and useful products for conveyor systems today. From scrapers to air cannons, these products make the running of a conveyor system much smoother through the different benefits they bring. We often find ourselves relying on the products Martin Engineering provide to ensure the smooth and stable running of our customers’ conveyor systems. Their products are truly word-class, so today we’d like to go over some of our most used Martin Engineering products that deserve to be recognized properly.


Air Cannons

The purpose of Martin Engineering’s Air Cannons are to prevent material build around and inside a variety of different key parts. These parts can include kilns, silos, bins, hoppers, chutes and other equipment. If materials were to build up inside or around any of these key parts, you will eventually see significant damage being done to said parts, costing you dearly for repairs and reactive maintenance. Materials such as coal, cement, and aggregates are the worst offenders by far, clogging machinery and damaging key parts if not kept moving through the system enough.


With Martin Engineering’s Air Cannons, we’ve seen a steep rise in productivity for our customers due to a lack of build up in material that previously limited productivity. This comes in the form of less unscheduled downtime for cleaning and to repair damaged parts. Bottlenecks are limited once they’re installed as they keep material moving through your system and obstructions are prevented from happening inside chutes, further preventing costs from skyrocketing as a result of unscheduled maintenance.


This is all without mentioning the health and safety benefits which come from installing these types of machinery. Without the blockages and buildup of material, your workers are saved from having to clean manually from inside kilns and hoppers, a job that is notoriously dangerous and now totally unnecessary. The high-temperature environments that workers are forced to unblock machinery in can be a huge health and safety hazard which is easily avoided with Martin Engineering’s air cannons.


Of course, all of this culminates in better profitability as less unscheduled downtime means your system is used to its full potential. The maintenance costs associated with your system are also vastly reduced, allowing you to increase your profit margin and spend more on operational costs where it truly matters the majority of the time.


Martin Engineering’s air cannons come in different variations, all ideally suited to different uses and environments. The great part about this is that your bulk material handling system is pretty much guaranteed to benefit from at least one variation of these products. Having them installed correctly can increase your profitability, increase your productivity, and increase your health and safety standards.


Belt Scrapers

Martin Engineering’s belt scrapers, or belt cleaners, are commonly overlooked but vital parts of your conveyor system. They allow your system to run smoothly for longer periods of time without any breakages or need for unscheduled maintenance. They do this by scraping the belt at the end of the system to prevent any material from being carried underneath the belt and damaging key components. This also has the knock on effect of increasing your belt’s lifetime as less material is allowed to “go rogue” as it were and cause abrasive damage to the belt.


Martin’s belt scrapers in particular keep belts cleaner than other manufacturers’ equivalent products. This helps to improve your productivity by preventing carryback and all the unscheduled downtime that happens as a result of this. Not to mention, this keeps more of the material in the flow stream. Less material is lost due to be carried under the belt, instead it is brought back into the flow until it reaches where it is supposed to end up.


One major selling point of Martin Engineering’s belt scrapers are their renowned safety of operation. Simply having one of their belt scrapers installed on your conveyor system can reduce the hazards of accumulated fugitive material. It also minimizes the risks associated with airborne dust, improving site safety for all personnel involved. The need for hazardous maintenance and housekeeping is kept to a minimum as well. These products actively make your life easier and helps keep your workers safe on site, allowing you to improve your health and safety measures with minimal effort needed on your part.


While fugitive material can be an issue for both productivity and health and safety, it can also cut into your profits. Less fugitive material means better profitability overall, with every ounce of precious material being gathered efficiently. This of course helps to prevent the need for unscheduled downtime and reactive maintenance costs too, one of the main areas that massively affects your profitability and operational costs overall.


Martin Engineering’s line of belt scrapers, like their range of air cannons, come in a variety of different forms perfect for a wide range of applications. With this variety of different forms, it’s more than likely that at least one form will suit your system, allowing you to venture into better profitability, productivity, and health and safety.



SVS are experts in Martin Engineering products and are able to stock any of the products we’ve spoken about today with ease. In fact, we’re Scotland’s sole supplier for Martin Engineering products! We’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years with the experience to back up our wealth of knowledge. If you’re interested in increasing your conveyor system’s profitability, get in touch with us below 👇

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